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Stoll Berne Investigating Broiler Chicken Purchases

Stoll Berne is currently investigating claims on behalf of Oregon restaurants and other businesses that have purchased broiler chicken from a distributor for use in its organization. If you are an Oregon restaurant or other business that purchased, between January 1, 2008 through September 2, 2016, broiler chicken raised or packed by one or more of the following organizations, we would be interested in hearing from you.

Fieldale Farms
Foster Farms
House of Raeford
JCG Foods
Koch Foods
Mountaire Farms
OK Foods
Peco Foods
Pilgrim’s Pride
Simmons Foods (or Simmons Prepared Foods)
Wayne Farms

Broiler chickens are defined as “chickens raised for meat consumption to be slaughtered before the age of 13 weeks, and which may be sold in a variety of forms, including fresh or frozen, raw or cooked, whole or in parts, or as a meat ingredient in a value added product, but excluding chicken that is grown, processed, and sold according to halal, kosher, free range, or organic standards.”

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