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Stoll Berne Investigating Claims Against Wink

Stoll Berne and Nick Kahl are investigating claims on behalf of customers who bought smart home hubs, products, and devices made by Wink, aka Wink Labs, Inc. in Oregon. This includes Wink Hub, Wink Hub 2, Wink Motion Sensor, Wink Door/Window Sensor, Wink Siren and Chime, and other products. Wink represented and promised customers that there was no subscription fee to use its products. In July 2020, Wink announced that it would start charging a monthly subscription fee. Customers who refused to pay are alleged to have had their access and use of Wink devices limited or cutoff.

If you purchased a Wink device in Oregon prior to July 27, 2020 or paid a subscription fee to Wink at any time, we are interested in speaking with you. Please contact attorneys Josh Ross or Cody Berne or simply fill out our form below.

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