fine printOn October 31, 2015, when part 1 of a New York Times Article was published (which we recently posted on the blog), it was shared so vigorously and read by so many people that the word “arbitration” was actually trending on TWITTER.

Normally, that is reserved for the Kardashians and their lovers, Presidential candidates, NFL quarterbacks and so forth.  But on October 31, the popular culture of the United States got caught up with arbitration.

Now, the New York Times has issued the second article in the series.

While Part 1 looked at the big picture – that the Supreme Court is essentially allowing big businesses to break laws in pursuit of heedless and lawless profit – Part 2 focuses much more on particularly harrowing individual stories.  It is plain that a lot of care and effort went into finding and vetting and putting these stories together, and the New York Times reporters have done a remarkable job telling the stories.