Alyssa is an Administrative Legal Assistant supporting Stoll Berne’s Real Estate and Business departments. In this role, Alyssa assists multiple attorneys with a wide range of responsibilities which may include working on purchase and sale agreements, development agreements, financing documents, closing of sales, and many more. With prior experience in multi-housing property management, Alyssa’s calm demeanor and steady attitude provides the team with focus and attention to detail.

Zil is the Stoll Berne’s Records Specialist. She manages the firm’s physical records and maintains the records archives. Zil handles all things records-related, including the opening and closing of all files, managing the electronic filing system, including database management, as well as handling all the firm’s records maintenance. Her steadfast and calm demeanor allows her to work through the volume of documents and files with a level-head and precision.

Margarita is a Litigation Paralegal supporting the attorneys in our litigation department. In this role, Margarita provides assistance in all phases of litigation. With over 10 years of paralegal experience in a variety of legal environments, she brings to Stoll Berne her extensive organizational and analytical skills, which she employs to carry out tasks such as: summarizing documents and depositions; preparing attorneys for depositions, hearings, arbitrations, and trials; and conducting background investigations, such as asset and litigation searches. She has a particular passion for e-Discovery and working in the firm’s e-Discovery platforms, which enable her to efficiently identify key and relevant documents for attorneys’ use in order to provide exceptional representation on our client’s behalf.

Margarita has notable trial experience, from preparatory tasks, such as researching historic jury verdict awards and the relevant court rules, to preparing exhibit and witness lists, jury instructions, and collaborating with attorneys to create dazzling demonstratives for the judge and jury. She looks forward to continuing to expand her skill set and knowledge base, particularly with regard to e-Discovery and Relativity.

Sarah-Marie is the firm’s Office Assistant. In this capacity, Sarah-Marie handles everything from assisting with records management, ordering supplies, coordinating office errands, serving as back-up on the phones, and so much more. Sarah-Marie’s prior experience in real property management and customer/office support showcases her talents at managing the myriad of projects and personalities thrown her way on a daily basis.

As a Paralegal in the firm’s business transactions and real estate department, Eileen has extensive experience working as a team member in completing complex real estate transactions in multiple cities and states in connection with acquisitions, dispositions, development, and construction of shopping centers, business parks, multi-story urban office buildings, and stand-alone tilt-up retail sites.

Additionally, Eileen is experienced in working with asset managers and property managers to draft commercial leases and amendments and to prepare lease abstracts for office, retail, warehouse, and industrial tenants. She also works as a team member on the land use component in connection with development projects and property acquisitions in multiple jurisdictions.

Marilyn’s huge smile is the first thing most clients see when they visit the firm, and her friendly voice is the first thing you hear when you call the firm. Many clients come to know Marilyn by name. Marilyn has been with the firm since 2005 and enjoys supporting the firm and its clients with her warm enthusiasm.

Matthew is the firm’s IS Director where he oversees and implements the entire firm’s IT infrastructure and related needs, including physical building security. Matthew began his career with Stoll Berne in 2008 as the IT Specialist, IT Administrator in 2013, and in 2017 moved to his current role. Previously, he was an IT Specialist at another Portland law firm.

Jason is a Senior Paralegal supporting the firm’s attorneys in the business transactions and real estate department. In this capacity, Jason works as part of a team on complex real estate transactions including acquisitions, dispositions, and development and construction of residential and commercial projects, as well as related business transactions. Jason assists with drafting contracts, including commercial leases and amendments, preparing lease abstracts, compiling and preparing closing documents, and due diligence, including reviewing title reports, legal descriptions, and surveys. He also provides assistance with entity formation and maintenance.

Prior to joining the real estate group, Jason previously supported our attorneys in the complex litigation group. He conducted factual investigations and interviews, collected and managed electronic and documentary evidence, prepared for depositions and trials, developed graphics and trial strategy, and presented evidence at trial. Jason focused on complex litigation matters, including breach of contract, unfair competition, trade secrets, securities fraud, consumer law, and class actions. In his previous paralegal roles, Jason gained experience in venture capital fund formation and litigation matters involving employment law, bankruptcy, product liability, and insurance defense for corporate clients in San Francisco.

Wes is Stoll Berne’s Litigation Support Specialist and assists the Litigation and Information Systems departments. Wes is involved in designing, implementing, and maintaining Relativity workspaces, and provides general technical support, including software rollout, development, and training. Wes also works as a litigation paralegal, assisting clients and attorneys in case management and preparation for depositions, arbitrations, hearings, and trials.

In 2017, Wes became a Certified User for the e-discovery software, Relativity. In this capacity, Wes processes, analyzes, and reviews data in one application to simplify the e-discovery workflows.

Tina is the firm’s Marketing & Public Relations Manager. In this role, Tina provides strategic support to the firm’s overall marketing initiatives, whether it be the entire company, individual attorneys, or practice areas specifically. With over 15 years of marketing and public relations experience, Tina provides high level support, advice, and direction to all members. She enjoys helping solve puzzles by applying people strategies to provide success. Looking for creative ways to implement solutions, Tina finds it extremely rewarding to see successful outcomes.

Anne is a litigation assistant with Stoll Berne and has been with the firm for over 18 years. Having over 26 years experience working in litigation, Anne is skilled in the areas of complex litigation and provides support to Stoll Berne’s litigation team in all aspects of their daily practice, from case management, correspondence with clients and opposing counsel, discovery organization, drafting and reviewing documents, to e-filing documents in both state and federal courts.

Alec brings over six years of experience in the legal field to Stoll Berne where he puts to use his skills in document assembly and proofreading, as well as his hands-on experience with the firm’s systems. As the firm’s Practice Assistant, Alec supports the firm’s legal assistants and a managing shareholder, handling everything from conflict searches, processing high-volume print jobs, to helping develop more efficient, technology assisted workflows.

Angela is the firm’s Billing Specialist and assists the firm’s Director of Finance & Administration with all things accounting related. With over 10 years of experience, she handles billing, accounts payable, accounts receivable, and a myriad of other accounting tasks. Prior to Stoll Berne, Angela worked in a CPA office and later, as a tax preparer.

As the firm’s Litigation Support Manager, Angel supports attorneys and the firm’s clients through the entire litigation process. This includes conducting investigations and interviews, management of electronic and documentary evidence, deposition and trial preparation, development of graphics and trial strategies, and presentation of evidence at trial. Angel oversees the firm’s electronic evidentiary presentations in arbitration hearings and in state and federal trial courts.

Because Stoll Berne handles the majority of its clients’ electronically stored information in-house, Angel also manages the firm’s e-discovery systems. She has developed significant expertise in managing electronic evidence, and speaks at seminars on the topic. Angel focuses on all types of complex litigation including breach of contract, unfair competition, trade secrets, securities fraud, consumer law, and class actions. She also has experience in employment law (both employer and employee-side), product liability and personal injury defense, and helping a corporate client manage litigation worldwide.