fine printJessica Silver Greenberg & Michael Corkery author an article pointing out the hypocrisy of big businesses that want access to the courts, but don’t think consumers should have that.


fine printThe New York Times recent articles on mandatory arbitration did a great job of shining the light on how arbitration clauses are creating a private secret judicial system.

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fine printIn a recent editorial from the New York Times, the editorial board has called for the end to mandatory arbitration.

fine printOn November 2, 2015, the third and final article on mandatory arbitration was published in The New York Times.

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fine printOn October 31, 2015, when part 1 of a New York Times Article was published (which we recently posted on the blog), it was shared so vigorously and read by so many people that the word “arbitration” was actually trending on TWITTER.

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fine printThe New York Times investigative report details how corporations have stacked the deck against consumers by using arbitration clauses with class action bans.

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