We are honored to celebrate 30 years of practice with Keith Ketterling, Steve Larson, and Rob Shlachter with Stoll Berne. Our firm was founded over 40 years ago under the principles of being dedicated to creative litigation and business solutions, professionalism toward all, and a steadfast commitment to the community. Keith, Steve, and Rob continued that ethos by being responsible members of the community and practicing law with integrity.

Keith Ketterling is the firm’s co-managing shareholder and has been instrumental in the growth of the firm. Keith is an experienced trial lawyer and his clients value his unique ability to envision and structure creative resolutions to complicated legal matters, Keith’s intuition and warm personality make him especially effective as an advocate in the federal and state courthouses where he regularly appears.

Steve Larson is an experienced trial lawyer whose clients appreciate his creative approach to trying and resolving complex litigation matters. He leads the firm’s Class Actions group and maintains the firm’s Class Actions Blog. Steve handles class actions, antitrust litigation, and securities litigation matters. Steve’s commitment to helping “David beat Goliath” has resonated within the firm, its lawyers and staff, for decades.

Rob Shlachter is an accomplished mediator, arbitrator, and trial lawyer emphasizing all types of complex business litigation. Rob is widely regarded as one of the preeminent mediators, arbitrators, and litigators in Oregon and has acted as an official and unofficial mentor to countless lawyers, both inside and outside the firm. Rob models professionalism in every facet of his practice and consistently aims to meet the highest standards of client service.

Disability-rights advocates initially sued the city of San Diego in federal court alleging that scooters create hazards for pedestrians by blocking access and rights-of-way, especially for those with mobility disabilities. Additional claims against the providers for these devices on sidewalks were also lodged.

When the lawsuit was filed, it named the scooter companies, such as Lyft, Bird, Wheels Lab Inc., etc. as defendants but a judge later dismissed them. That left just the city of San Diego. The city of San Diego recently filed lawsuits against the scooter companies separately to cause them to defend the city of San Diego in litigation based on a provision in their operating agreements. The city is asking the companies to cover any damages and pay legal fees for any lawsuit generated by the scooters.

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