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Lawyer, Accountant & Professional Malpractice

Professionals, including accountants and lawyers, must follow high professional standards and often owe strict duties to their clients. When trusted professionals violate those obligations, such as through accounting errors, incorrect advice, or failure to follow industry standards, the financial impact on clients is often substantial and life altering. In many cases, it is difficult for clients to recognize that a long standing, trusted advisor has made a mistake or, worse, intentionally harmed them. Often, the underlying transactions are complex and difficult to uncover.

When an Advisor Breaks Your Trust, We Help to Repair the Damage

For decades, Stoll Berne lawyers have successfully represented clients in disputes with attorneys, accountants, auditors, insurance brokers, stock brokers, real estate professionals, and many other professionals, including claims for negligence, intentional misconduct and fraud, or elder abuse. Whether making a demand for compensation and negotiating an early settlement, or engaging in difficult and hard-fought litigation, our team has the tools and experience to efficiently and realistically guide clients through disputes with professionals. We have a proven reputation for helping our clients recover losses resulting from professional errors or intentional misconduct.