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Antitrust Litigation

Stoll Berne represents national and international companies and consumers in all aspects of antitrust litigation, including, allegations of:

  • Price-fixing
  • Customer allocation
  • Market division
  • Price discrimination
  • Tying or bundling related products
  • Unfair or deceptive trade practices

Our team of experienced, highly sophisticated trial attorneys handles everything from complex class actions to multi-district litigation and arbitration. Because we have represented both plaintiffs and defendants in antitrust cases, this experience has enabled us to garner respect among members of the bench and bar as objective and practical antitrust litigators.

From Price-Fixing to Monopolistic Practices, We Handle All Aspects of Antitrust Litigation

Our Proven Track Record

We have defended health care providers against antitrust claims. Indeed, we have tried to a successful verdict an antitrust case against a major national hospital chain and won multiple summary judgment motions and motions to dismiss. These cases have arisen out of peer review proceedings, preferred provider agreements, and most favored nation clauses.

We have represented Japanese and American shipping companies in multi-district litigation and in arbitration against price-fixing and market allocation allegations. We have defended healthcare companies against exclusive dealing allegations.

Currently, we are prosecuting a class action in federal court against automotive wire harness manufacturers. The class action arises out of an alleged long-running conspiracy of rigging bids for and fixing, raising, maintaining, and stabilizing prices of automotive wire harnesses used in automobiles sold in the United States.