Over 40 years ago, Robert Stoll (Retired) and Gary Berne established a firm dedicated to creative litigation and business solutions, professionalism towards all, and a steadfast commitment to the community. In 2008, Stoll Stoll Berne Lokting & Shlachter P.C. shortened the firm name to Stoll Berne in recognition of senior partners Robert Stoll (Retired) and Gary Berne. As the firm has grown, we are proud to continue to honor those values—being a responsible member of the community and practicing law with integrity, no matter the cost. The firm, its lawyers, and our employees are grateful for the principled guidance our founders Robert Stoll (Retired), Gary BerneDavid Lokting, and Rob Shlachter have given to our work as lawyers and professionals serving our clients and the community.

Robert Stoll (Retired)

Larger than life. Those are the first words that come to mind. Robert has seen so much, experienced so much, and achieved so much. If our lives are only half as full as Robert’s has been, we will all feel as though we have lived a life and a half. Robert’s life reflects his values of wanting what is right and not apologizing for achieving as much. He has been a singular model for caring for those less fortunate and getting involved in your community. Learn More

Gary Berne

Unpretentious. Humble. Everyman. He is approachable, unassuming, and genuine. Gary is one of us. At the same time, he has no peer in his ability to drill deep into a complex litigation issue. Gary sees issues, develops facts, and constructs cases where the rest of us see nothing. He has equal parts common sense and a zen-like existential sense. Gary is one of us and at the same time, who we aspire to be. Learn More

David Lokting

If you polled our partners, all but one would say David is the wisest lawyer they have ever met. The final one, David, would be too modest to admit as much. David is a calming influence in a firm bursting with passion and energy. He talks us down from impracticable, unsafe ledges. He offers us the comfort of quiet and sage advice. He is, in short, the glue that holds everyone together. Learn More


Rob Shlachter

To Oregonians, it is hard to believe that anything or anyone from California could really be the complete package – yet Rob has made us believers. Rob has taught us discipline and compassion. Discipline in the development of our cases and our business. Compassion in our approach to our clients, our employees, and our community. Rob taught us to be generous with each other as partners; that individual gains are worthless if those you care for don’t also gain. Learn More