The Fun We Have Belies Our Record of Wins In and Out of the Courtroom

Bold, Brilliant, and Creative

These are a few words that describe our rich history as one of Oregon’s premier law firms. Our unique culture is rooted deeply in the traditions of our founding partners, who for over 40 years have successfully litigated and negotiated against some of the nation’s largest and most powerful corporations and law firms. Today, over 40 years after our founding, we’ve kept that spirit of the noble pursuit, always doing what’s right, being on the morally correct side of cases, and fiercely fighting for our clients. We never sacrifice our moral code for business, and we’ve flourished as a result.

Our Noteworthy Success Is a Result of Our Unique Corporate Culture

We're Egalitarian at Heart

At our core, we’re egalitarian. That quality plays a core role in all we do. One attorney or staff member’s success is everyone’s success. Our firm is structured horizontally; there’s little vertical hierarchy. Everyone is empowered to be their best self. Our support staff is as important and respected as our senior attorneys. Our clients notice that our staff has genuine love and support for one another and that we celebrate in our collective success, because it’s together that we succeed, and together that we fail. That model drives our success. Our team moves quickly and carries a big stick, and we often succeed against firms larger in size.

Personal Integrity, Professional Excellence

When We Join, We Stay

Our employees tend to stay at our firm—many have worked here for decades. Our low turnover is rare for our industry. We’re fiercely proud and protective of the culture and sense of family we’ve built. The fabric of our existence rests on the shared sense of responsibility within our team. Our employees know that we all have each other’s backs. We collectively believe in the nobility of the pursuit of what’s right and just.