What is a class action?

A class action is a lawsuit where one or more persons can file a lawsuit and ask the court to allow that person or persons to represent everyone that has the same type of claim.  The US Congress and Oregon state legislative assembly have passed laws allowing class actions, because the trial of a multitude of almost identical claims in a single class action is the best way to handle those claims.  It saves time, effort, expense, and promotes uniform results.  It is often also the only way that scores of people with small claims can obtain a remedy for their damages, because their individual damages are not large enough to justify hiring a lawyer.   Class actions are the best tool available in any justice system for the little guy to have a chance against the large corporation that is engaging in unlawful behavior.

Steve Larson
An experienced trial lawyer who handles both hourly and contingent fee cases, Steve has expertise in class actions, antitrust litigation, securities litigation, corporate disputes, intellectual property disputes, unfair competition claims, and disputes involving family wealth. Steve regularly represents individuals and businesses in federal and state court and has obtained class-wide recovery in multiple class actions. A veteran practitioner, Steve's clients value his creative approach to resolving complex litigation matters.


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