Blog Wage and HourJudge David O. Carter has granted preliminary approval of a class settlement of current and former nonexempt FedEx package handlers in California who worked for the shipping company at any time from Sept. 24, 2009, through the date of preliminary settlement approval.

FedEx Ground has agreed to pay $1.2 million to a group of current and former package handlers.  The lawsuit alleged the company failed to provide proper meal and rest breaks.

The Plaintiff, Mr. Rangel, a former FedEx employee, said FedEx was required, but failed to provide, class members who worked two shifts in a workday a meal period, as well as a second rest period. He also said FedEx failed to provide pay to employees for time spent in security checks.

The settlement agreement weighs a worker’s share based on whether he or she was a part-time or full-time employee, with more money going toward those who were full-time or who worked more than one four-hour shift in a workday. It also gives more money to former employees who were entitled to waiting time compensation.

If there is any unclaimed money, it will not revert back to FedEx, but instead will be allocated toward those who did claim a share of the settlement fund.