fine printOn November 2, 2015, the third and final article on mandatory arbitration was published in The New York Times.

In this installment, the authors look at how forced arbitration is often used by religious organizations or employers to require individuals to submit to “Christian arbitration.”  Instead of having their legal claims resolved by U.S. law, they are deemed to have agreed to have their claims resolved (without meaningful appeal) by persons applying their ideas of scripture.  The mandatory arbitration trend has been growing in the employment world, but Jessica Silver-Greenberg and Michael Corkery report how it’s spreading in other directions also.

More than that, the piece helps show that letting more powerful institutions (like employers, etc.) impose a system of dispute resolution that THEY like on individuals, through fine print contracts, that has a lot of dangerous aspects to it.  In addition to shedding light on religious arbitration, the piece shows the dangers inherent in letting the more powerful party write the rules and toss the civil justice system overboard.