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Cody represents investors who have lost money or been harmed by fraud and other financial misconduct.


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This blog is intended to provide information to the general public and to practitioners about developments that may impact investors in Oregon and across the country.

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SEC Division of Examinations Announces Priorities for 2022

The SEC Division of Examinations announced its 2022 examination priorities in late March. The priorities include a “focus on private funds, environmental, social and governance (ESG) investing, retail investor protections, information security and operational resiliency, emerging technologies, and crypto-assets.”

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Tax Avoidance, IRAs, and Precious Metals

A recent Wall Street Journal article, A Couple Stored IRA Gold at Home. They Owe the IRS More than $300,000, is a reminder about what can be complex rules for using an IRA to invest in esoteric assets, such as gold, silver, platinum, and other precious metals.

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SEC Issues Wrap Fee Risk Alert

The SEC’s Division of Examinations issued a Risk Alert about wrap fee programs used by investment advisers. Wrap fee programs require advisory clients to pay a consolidated fee for investment advisory services and other expenses, such as commissions, trading fees, and administrative costs.

Learn More » Accused of Selling Fraudulently Overpriced Gold and Silver Bullion and its parent company, TMTE, Inc., along with Chase Metals, LLC, Chase Metals, Inc., Barrick Capital, Inc., and its principals Lucas Asher (aka Lucas Thomas Erb, aka Luke Asher) and Simon Batashvili are alleged to have run a nationwide fraud that brought in more than $185 million in money from customers to buy fraudulently overpriced gold and silver bullion.

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Free Tools to Research Investment Firms and Individuals

Investors have access to free electronic search tools through self-regulatory organizations, federal, and state regulators to research investment firms and professionals. This post describes several free tools that give access to information beyond what you can learn using Google and other search engines.

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