Oregon Secretary of State Withdraws Rule Changes After Stoll Berne Files Lawsuit

Two days after Oregon Secretary of State Dennis Richardson implemented new rules changing how signatures could be gathered for statewide initiative petitions, Stoll Berne filed a lawsuit on behalf of an Oregon voter alleging that the new rules were illegal.

The rule changes would have allowed initiative backers to gather signatures using a non-final ballot title (a neutral summary of the initiative), while that ballot was being reviewed for accuracy by the Oregon Supreme Court. Stoll Berne attorney Steven Berman immediately moved for a temporary restraining order. Before the TRO hearing, the Secretary of State rescinded the rules.


January 10, 2018: Portland Tribune, Initiative petition rules suspended amid lawsuit
January 10, 2018: The Oregonian, Dennis Richardson rescinds election rule changes in hopes lawmakers will do it for him
January 5, 2018: The Oregonian, Union-backed group sues Dennis Richardson over election rule change


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