State of Oregon Sues Monsanto for PCB Contamination with Stoll Berne and Keller Rohrback

The State of Oregon, by and through Oregon Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum, filed a lawsuit today against Monsanto.

The suit alleges that Monsanto, over decades, manufactured and distributed toxic compounds that caused harm to Oregon’s land, waters, fish and wildlife. The lawsuit seeks over $100 million in damages and clean-up costs associated with polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs). Together with the Department of Justice, Stoll Berne Special Assistant Attorneys General Keith Ketterling along with Keller Rohrback Special Assistant Attorneys General Amy Williams-DerryDerek LoeserDaniel Mensher, and Matthew Preusch will represent the State in the litigation.

The lawsuit, filed January 4, 2018 in Multnomah County, alleges that Monsanto knew that PCBs were toxic to fish, wildlife, and other living species as early as 1937, but continued to manufacture and distribute the compounds, which were widely used in industrial and commercial applications. PCBs were banned in the United States in 1977 but they continue to pollute public lands and waterways, including the Portland Harbor. Additionally, fish and wildlife throughout the state are affected. The State of Oregon is seeking monetary damages to clean up and restore land, water, and wildlife that have been harmed by PCB contamination.

Stoll Berne Managing Shareholder Keith Ketterling states, “The toxic legacy left behind by Monsanto’s PCBs is one that will linger for decades until cleaned up and restored, at great expense to the State. It is only fair that Monsanto should foot the bill for that clean up and restoration, given that it was aware of the toxicity of these compounds for decades but withheld the truth. We are deeply proud to be working with Attorney General Rosenblum, the Department of Justice, and Keller Rohrback on a case that means so much for the people and environment of Oregon.”


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