STOLL BERNE – New Name / Same Firm

Stoll Stoll Berne Lokting & Shlachter P.C. has shortened the firm name to STOLL BERNE in recognition of senior partners Robert Stoll and Gary Berne.

Thirty years ago, Robert Stoll and Gary Berne established a firm dedicated to creative litigation and business solutions, professionalism towards all, and a steadfast commitment to the community. We’re proud to continue to honor these values with our new name – practicing law with integrity, no matter the cost.

The firm has also been blessed with having two other senior partners: David Lokting and Rob Shlachter. They are also a huge part of the heart and soul of our firm and are not going anywhere.  It’s the same firm and business as usual, just a new simpler name.

At our Name Change Party on February 29, 2008, our Managing Shareholder, Keith Ketterling, had the following words to say about our senior partners and the name change:

“Stoll, Berne, Lokting, and Shlachter – four tremendous lawyers.

As an initial observation, I think it is an inescapable conclusion that our firm name has remained the same for so many years, in part, because of the respect and admiration we all have for these four lawyers. Together, they have built a firm of strong, individual personalities dedicated to the common good, rather than their own personal gain. They all understood that they (and we) could all accomplish far more together than they could on their own. In doing so, they have taught us that individual recognition is insignificant; establishing a firm that benefits our clients, our staff and our community is far more significant.

We have publicly announced that the name change is in recognition of Robert and Gary’s efforts in building this firm. That is true. Together, they have set a course and example for all of us; a course of social responsibility and an example of how to practice law with integrity, no matter the cost.

At the same time, we have been doubly blessed by the other two senior partners, David and Rob. If Robert and Gary were the “Ying”, then David and Rob were the”Yang”.

ROBERT. Larger than life. Those are the first words that come to mind. Robert has seen so much, experienced so much, and achieved so much. If our lives are only half as full as Robert’s has been, we will all feel as though we have lived a life and a half. Robert’s life reflects his values of wanting what is right and not apologizing for achieving as much. He has been an incredible example of caring for others less fortunate and for getting involved in your community.


GARY. Unpretentious. Humble. Everyman. He is approachable, unassuming and genuine. He is one of us. He is Everyman. At the same time, he has no peer in his ability to drill deep into a complex litigation issue. Gary sees issues, develops facts, and constructs cases where the rest of us see nothing. He has equal parts common sense and a zen-like existential sense. Gary is one of us but yet is someone we can only hope to be…..some day.


DAVID. If you polled our ten partners, nine would say David is the wisest lawyer they have ever met. The tenth, David, would be too modest to admit as much. David is a calming influence in a firm bursting with passion and ego. He talks us down from impracticable, unsafe ledges. He offers us the comfort of quiet and sage advice. He is, in short, the glue that holds everyone together.


ROB. To Oregonians, it is hard to believe that anything or anyone from California could really be the complete package – yet Rob has made us believers. Rob has taught us discipline and compassion. Discipline in the development of our cases and our business. Compassion in our approach to our clients, our employees and our community. Rob taught us to be generous with each other as partners; individual gains are worthless if those you care for don’t also gain.


For all or a large part of the last thirty years, these four have shown the rest of us how to achieve the common good while looking out for others rather than themselves. They are beacons on our journey the next thirty years, showing us the way to integrity, community and prosperity.

This is a firm unlike any other. It is committed to doing what is right, in the face of hardship; standing up to corporate greed, in the face of economic peril; and defending the rights of our clients, in whom we believe and respect. This is a unique place – and we owe that to Robert, Gary, David and Rob – in equal parts. Our name change is really about honoring this special place created by our four most senior partners, and insuring that the ideals and integrity on which this firm was built, remain foremost in the years to come.

Thank you for showing us the way – may we hold true to your example.”