Kemet has reached a $62 million settlement of antitrust litigation in California federal court accusing several electronics parts manufacturers of agreeing to fix the price of capacitors. Groups of direct and indirect purchasers have accused more than a dozen overseas manufacturers including Panasonic Corp. and Sanyo of conspiring to fix prices for aluminum, tantalum and film capacitors over the last decade. U.S. District Judge James Donato certified a class of direct buyers in November 2018.

The lawsuit was filed in July 2014. In April 2018, indirect purchasers reached a $20 million deal with several manufacturers and later that year they reached a $21.5 million agreement with Nichicon Corp.

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Ortho-Clinical Diagnostic has agreed to pay $19.5 million to resolve a class action alleging that it conspired with another company to fix prices on the reagents used in blood tests. Ortho-Clinical’s $19.5 million will be combined with a $22 million settlement that Immucor Inc. agreed to pay to resolve allegations against it, bringing the total settlement fund to $41.5 million. Continue reading “Blood Reagents Antitrust Class Action Settles”

Affiliates of American Gypsum Co., National Gypsum Co. and PABCO Building Products LLC agreed to pay a class of direct purchasers $125 million to settle price-fixing claims in multidistrict litigation being overseen by a Pennsylvania federal court, class counsel said Tuesday.

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Bridgestone has agreed to pay $29.6 million to settle price-fixing allegations in multidistrict litigation in Michigan federal court contending that the company colluded with other companies to rig the market for certain rubber vehicle components.

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The final four manufacturers named as defendants in an antitrust class action involving lithium ion batteries have agreed to settle the remaining claims.

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CarCivil settlements recently have exceeded $260 million in federal litigation stemming from the ongoing U.S. criminal antitrust investigation into auto parts supplier price fixing.

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Our firm has been working on the Auto Parts Antitrust Class Actions for some time now.

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SharpA federal jury in Seattle has found that Costco is owed nearly $37 million in damages because it purchased televisions and computers that contained price-fixed liquid-crystal display panels.

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CarLear Corp. will pay $8.75 million to settle claims it conspired with other auto-parts manufacturers to fix the prices of automotive wire harnesses.

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Fotolia PlaneCathay Pacific Airways Ltd. announced that it will pay $65 million to settle an antitrust class action accusing the company of taking part in a conspiracy to manipulate freight shipping prices, bringing the total settlements in the case to $758 million.

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