Costco, Target and Wal-Mart have been named in a class action brought by sewage treatment facilities. The retailers manufacture and sell wipes that allegedly are misrepresented as safe to flush, but damage sewage systems, the complaint alleges.

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Data SecurityBanks suing Target Corp. over its massive 2013 data breach have agreed to a $39 million settlement to resolve the class action.

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Data SecurityOn September 15, 2015 Judge Paul Magnuson, U.S. District Judge in Minnesota, certified a class of financial institutions that had sued Target as a result of the 2013 data breach.

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Data SecurityVisa Inc. announced it reached an agreement with Target Corp. to reimburse credit card issuers up to $67 million for costs related to the massive data breach the retailer disclosed in 2013.

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targetFederal District Court Magistrate Jeffrey J. Keyes in the multidistrict litigation pending in Minneapolis ruled that Target has to tell financial institutions suing over the retailer’s massive 2013 data breach whether it suffered similar attacks in the past and if so, how it responded to them. Continue reading “Target must disclose any previous data breaches in pending class action”

targetEarlier on this blog, I noted that MasterCard and Target had entered into a proposed settlement relating to the 2013 breach of Target customers’ data that many financial institutions objected to.

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targetLast week Target reached a $19 million settlement with MasterCard to reimburse card issuing banks for costs associated with the big box retailer’s 2013 data breach that affected over 100 million shoppers.

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targetFederal Judge Paul Magnuson in Minnesota rejected a motion to dismiss in the Target data breach lawsuit.

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target-black-logoA federal judge in Minnesota rejected Target Corp’s motion to dismiss a lawsuit by banks seeking to recoup money they spent reimbursing fraudulent charges and issuing new credit and debit cards because of the retailer’s late 2013 data breach. 

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target-black-logoA credit union in Pennsylvania filed a class action against Target Corp. in federal court over the retailer’s now well known December data breach.

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Customers from Oregon, California, and Washington to Louisiana, Massachusetts and Rhode Island have filed would-be class actions in federal courts, alleging Target was negligent and did not protect their credit card information arising out of a security breach that began just before Black Friday.

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