US Supreme CourtThe U.S. Supreme Court has agreed to tackle the question of whether class action defendants must provide additional evidence to support their bids to transfer cases from state to federal court.

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Whistleblower Practice AreaThe U.S. Supreme Court has said whistleblower protections apply not just to publicly traded companies but also to subcontractors that do business with them.

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Supreme Court BlogLaw and justice concept, gavelThe U.S. Supreme Court issued its first class-action-related decision of the 2013-14 term.  In Mississippi ex rel. Jim Hood v. AU Optronics Corp., Case No. 12-1036 (U.S. Jan. 14, 2014), the Court held that a parens patriae action brought by the Mississippi attorney general on behalf of Missouri citizens was not a “mass action” subject to the Class Action Fairness Act.