Author: Steve Larson

Peloton Facing Class Action Over On-Demand Programming

Peloton Interactive Inc. is facing a proposed class action lawsuit in New York over its library of on-demand programs. According to the lawsuit, Peloton advertised to its potential purchasers continued growth of its program options but in March 2019, Peloton removed an estimated 12,000 on-demand programs.

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Zoom Settle Class Action Lawsuit

Zoom settled a class action lawsuit for $85 million where users’ alleged that Zoom did not protect users’ personal information thereby allowing third parties to infiltrate a user meeting.

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Scooter Companies Sued by City of San Diego

Disability-rights advocates initially sued the city of San Diego in federal court alleging that scooters create hazards for pedestrians by blocking access and rights-of-way, especially for those with mobility disabilities.

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