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Natural Resource Damage and Environmental Contamination

As Special Assistant Attorneys General for the State of Oregon, Stoll Berne, along with co-counsel Keller Rohrback, worked with Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum and attorneys from the Oregon Department of Justice on claims against Monsanto seeking recovery for damage caused to Oregon’s wildlife and environment by polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs). Monsanto is the sole manufacturer and distributor of the PCBs at issue. In December 2022 settlement, the State received a $698,000,000 ($698 Million). The lawsuit sought damages for remediation the State has already performed to remove PCBs from the State’s sediments and waters, and damages for future clean-up that will be required. The State also sought damages for PCB related harm to the State’s environment and wildlife.

Stoll Berne, who started trial on this case May 23, 2022, was led by attorneys Keith KetterlingJen Wagner, Steven LarsonSteven BermanLydia Anderson-DanaElizabeth BaileyEmily JohnsonMaddie Holmes, Litigation Director Angel Falconer, and many others at the firm.