Samsung and Toshiba agreed to pay $25 million to resolve a class action alleging that they participated in an industry-wide conspiracy to fix optical disk drive prices. The plaintiffs settling the case were indirect purchasers of the drives; ie. consumers. If approved, the proposed deal would bring the total amount of consumer settlements in the case to $205 million. Continue reading “Samsung and Toshiba Settle Optical Disc Drive Price Fixing Claims for $25 Million”

After losing on a motion for summary judgment, a class of optical disk drive (“ODD”) end users has agreed to settle with Samsung and Toshiba. The case is currently on appeal to the Ninth Circuit, but attorneys for the plaintiffs filed a request with the Ninth Circuit to extend the appeals briefing by 60 days while they seek a limited remand to the district court for approval of the settlements. Continue reading “Samsung and Toshiba Agree to Settle Antitrust Claims of Indirect Purchasers of Optical Disk Drives”

phoneThree owners of Galaxy Note 7 phones, which were recalled because they are prone to catching on fire and exploding, sued the electronics maker’s U.S. unit.

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MonitorMultiple electronics makers have agreed to settle with a class of direct purchasers in a class action pending in California federal court.

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MonitorA number of electronics makers, including Philips Electronics North America Corp., Panasonic Corp., Samsung SDI Co. Ltd., Hitachi Ltd., Toshiba and others, have agreed to pay $528 million to settle class action claims that they fixed cathode ray tube (“CRTs”) prices.

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