Several top executives at CBS Corp., including ex-CEO Leslie Moonves, sold more than $200 million of CBS stock before its price began to plunge as widespread workplace sexual harassment reports approached. The reports included claims against Moonves. Continue reading “Moonves and Other CBS Executives Sold Stock as Sexual Harassment Claims Approached”

Uber won praise on May 12, 2018, when it announced it would no longer steer sexual misconduct claims into arbitration. However, the announcement failed to note that the company refrained from any promises that it would free victims from arbitration agreements if their claims are part of class action litigation. Continue reading “Uber Claims It Is Ending Arbitration For Sexual Harassment Claims, But It Still Bars Class Actions”

21st Century Fox recently announced that it was agreeing to pay $90 million to resolve a derivative suit against the corporation’s management arising out of sexual harassment allegations.

Continue reading “21st Century Fox settles derivative suit for $90 million”