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Judge Denies Class Certification in Sex Discrimination Pay Class Action Against Nike

A U.S. District Court Judge in Oregon recently refused to certify a proposed sex discrimination class action t filed by a group of current and former female employees against Nike. The ruling cited insufficient evidence that a potential class of 5,200 female employees were harmed due to a company policy or practice of basing lower pay for female employees due to their former job’s pay.

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Settlement Approved in Farmers Investigators Class Action

A proposed settlement in a wage and hour lawsuit filed in 2017 by Farmers Insurance special investigators received court approval on Monday. The lawsuit alleged that Farmers Insurance failed to pay overtime pay including meal breaks and rest periods under the Fair Labor Standards Act to their special investigators. Each investigator in the lawsuit is set to receive an average of $47,000. The $5.4 million dollar settlement includes any person who worked for Farmers Insurance

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